Come visit our steam and diesel electric locomotive.

Canadian Northern 1112 Steam Locomotive

CNR 1112 ten-wheeler (4-6-0) was originally built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1912. This engine was one of fifty “G-16-a” class engines constructed between 1912 and 1913 for Canadian Northern Railway, which due to bankruptcy, was folded into the federal government created Canadian National Railways (CNR) in 1919. Engines from this class were strong yet simple, perfectly suited for the light duty jobs typically assigned to them, employed in both freight and passenger service.

Built as a coal-burner, it was converted to burn oil by the Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador Railway who purchased it, along with another G-16-a, from Canadian National Railways in 1952. Most of this class lasted into the mid to late 1950s before being retired.

Upon its retirement from the QNS&L in 1961, it was donated to the Canadian Railroad Historical Association, and became one of the first locomotives at the Canadian Railway Museum (ExpoRail) in Saint-Constant, Quebec, and the first to be kept indoors (November 24, 1962). CRM later leased the locomotive to the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario for display. It was moved to the museum grounds on June 6, 1992.

Only one other locomotive of its class was saved from the scrapper’s torch, 1158, currently on display at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Cylinders 20” x 24” (50.8 cm x 61cm)
Driver wheels 57” (145cm) 14 spokes
Boiler pressure 180 lb. per square inch (1225kPa)
Weight of engine 71 tons, weight of tender 18 tons empty (77 tons with boiler filled and 62 tons loaded with oil or coal)
Length 62 feet (19m)
Tractive Effort 24800 lb. (pulling power)

Canadian Pacific 6591 Diesel Electric Locomotive

The Canadian Pacific 6591 S3 diesel-electric locomotive was built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1957. It was used as a switcher in the Smiths Falls area, moving short trains to nearby terminals as well as assembling cars to make up trains in the CPR Smiths Falls yards.

CP 6591, a switcher diesel, has only 600 hp compared to the 4,400 hp that road locomotives have today. It was assigned to Smiths Falls and used in the freight yard. CP 6591 is believed to be the last engine to go through the Brockville Tunnel. It was retired in 1982. It was donated to RMEO in 1985 and was repainted.

Green Frog Trackmobile

A trackmobile has steel flanged wheels for movement on rails and retractable rubber tires for movement on the ground. The steel wheels remain in place while the rubber tires can be raised and lowered to fit the needs of the operator.

The Green Frog trackmobile was a vital part of the switching operation at the Hershey Chocolate Company facility in Smiths Falls. It could move three fully loaded box cars, filled with sugar, to the unloading doors then have them ready to be collected by a CPR local switching train.

The Hershey/RMEO Green Frog trackmobile was rescued from a scrap yard by RMEO legend John Weir.