The Railway Museum always needs volunteers. There are many ways YOU can support the Railway Museum.

How to volunteer

We are looking for volunteers who have an interest in museums, heritage preservation and of course, railways.  There are a variety of projects to choose from including building and rolling stock restoration, museum guiding, website maintenance, grounds keeping, collections/archives development, mounting exhibits, fundraising, and painting and carpentry. The list goes on!

The station, rolling stock, grounds, and exhibits of the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario requires dozens of people to make it work. Currently, that work is done by a small handful of enthusiasts. RMEO needs your help.

Your time is needed. You can sign up for a few volunteer hours, a day or two or for a season full of fun. There are plenty of projects to match almost any interest level and skill set. All volunteer hours are greatly appreciated.

The Railway Museum Board has appointed Brian Read to be the volunteer coordinator. Brian can answer your questions about volunteering and help you to find your meaningful role at the Railway Museum. To get involved, contact Brian at brianread6060@hotmail.com. He’ll put you in touch with project leaders like Gerald and his team on CAR 23 or Graeme in the Operator’s Bay.

We need volunteers for these projects

Track Work

Fred, a veteran railway track maintenance supervisor, is tasked with keeping the museum’s rails ready for our motive power and cars to tour over two kilometres of track. There are many ways you can assist us to make our visitor experience memorable:

  • Laying ties and rails and spiking
  • Installing switches
  • Ballasting track
  • Oiling and keeping clear switches
  • Inspecting the right of way to insure safe operations

Grounds & Maintenance

Keeping a station, related structures, and 0 hectares of lawns, tracks, and gardens in top condition requires a track gang of workers. Join to help with:

  • Grass and shrubbery cutting and trimming
  • Garden planting and weeding
  • Painting switch stands, signal stands, railings, stairs to displays, signage, baggage wagons, hand cars, doors and door frames and more
  • For real go-getters there is a huge orange snow plow, box cars, and other rolling exhibits that need painting
  • Repairing woodwork
  • Installing and developing signage

Station Operations

Operator Graeme works the telegraph key faster than two thumbs on a keypad. He keeps trains running on schedule during special ride days. He is quartered in the Operator’s Bay where he can keep an eye on the mainline.

  • Sweeping and dusting in the station and cabooses
  • Keeping the platform, platform railings, and steps clean, clear, and organized.
  • Cleaning washrooms and collecting garbage and recyclables

Car 23

Join a small, dedicated team to restore Car 23, a wood and steel Canadian Pacific business car. Under the leadership of Gerald, RMEO restoration specialist, help to bring this piece of Canadian history back to its former beauty and purpose.

There is structural woodwork to recreate and install along with a warehouse full of original pieces like windows and carpeting. Volunteers don’t need to be either carpenters or cabinet makers to move this project to completion. You can work a few hours up to a few years. This painstaking project is a long term endeavour that needs you!