Our Cabooses

Canadian National Steel Caboose 79274

CN 79274 was built in 1967 by Hawker Siddeley. Originally a CN caboose used from 1967-1986 it was put into service by Dupont Canada in Maitland, ON. The caboose, built with steel, is modern in comparison to the wooden cabooses at the museum.

Canadian National Wood Caboose 79095

CN 79095 wood caboose was built in 1921 in CNR’s London Shops. This caboose was part of a group of 15. In 1983, it was retired after almost 37 years of service. In 2001, it was donated to us and restored.

Canadian Pacific Wood Caboose 437183

Canadian Pacific 437183 plywood caboose was built in 1945. It was made with plywood siding as a result of rationing wood, food and other products during and after WWII.

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